ENDURA FC - SC Colour Enhancer

ENDURA FC - SC Colour Enhancer

Brand: Ardex Endura
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A premium, Solvented hybrid system with flurochemical technology, based sealer which bonds with tile/stone for improved wear resistance. Penetrates into Nano pores, Effective on vitrified and Nano Tiles

It provides a Enhanced wet look with maximum protection against the toughest oil & water based stains, wine, vinegar, pickle, sambar, coke, ink etc are the kind of stain it can resist, the low odour formula makes it easy to use with a durable Long-lasting 'Seal'. The sealed area provides a breathable surface in exteriors & interiors. It also allows moisture vapour transmission and inhibits the growth of mould.

ARDEX ENDURA'S High Performance Sealer Colour Enhancer - FC SC is also available in P And N Ceramics,Kottayam and the cost for 5 Ltr is Rs.7110.00



  • Enhances and highlights the colour of stone/Tile
  • Fluorochemical technology
  • Hydrophobic/oleo phobic
  • User friendly
  • Non-yellowing
  • Improves the wear resistance of tiles & stones
  • Allows the tiles & stones to breath
  • Penetrates into Nano pores
  • Effective on vitrified and Nano Tiles
  • Protects tiles & stone against UV rays
  • Protects tiles and stones against efflorescence, rust stains
  • Protection against toughest oils & water based
  • Durable long lasting "seal”

Coverage Estimates

Pack sizeCoverage
1 Litre & 5 LitresApproximately 10 -15m2/ Litre per coat, Depending on the porosity of the surface.

Storage and Shelf Life

FC - SC has a shelf life of 12 months in original unopened container.


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